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Dan Wells and the 7 Point Plot Structure Videos

A resource I find myself leaning on when planning out a draft is the 7 Point Plot Structure presented in a youtube series of Dan Wells. He works through the 7 points of plot structure discussing what they are and in what order he approaches them. I particularly like the section where he creates multiple plot arcs and weaves them together.

The series can be found here: Dan Wells and the 7 Point Plot Structure

The Plot Points

  • Hook – Hero has a sad and boring life
  • Plot Turn 1 – Hero becomes a role.
  • Pinch 1 – A bad guy attacks.
  • Midpoint – Hero learns the truth about something, and swears to defeat the villain.
  • Pinch 2 – Companions fall to the villain, and the hero is left alone.
  • Plot Turn 2 – Facing villain, hero discovers the power is in him
  • Resolution – Hero defeats villain.

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