The First 20 Hours

Every time I start learning about some specific component or approach to some aspect of writing a novel, I inevitably come across some as of yet unknown and yet to be studied component or approach. Then I go off to study that new approach and find many more concepts and methodologies I am ignorant of. I find myself  feeling like I may never know enough to actually get there.  I get lost in this cycle of blog and craft book reading in a never ending quest to find the secret, this elusive secret that everyone but I must know that will make writing and finishing a novel mere child’s play.

I am trying to move from this self perception of myself as a grossly incompetent hack to at least someone capable of faking it as an actual writer, but it is not easy. It is possible we all feel that way. It is quite possible I may not be alone in my feelings of inadequacy that lead to nightmares of all those around me waking up and realizing I am a total fraud and screaming for my removal from their very presence.

This video, even though it was not aimed at writers in particular, gave me hope that I might get there if I just keep at it.  I just need to practice. I just need to keep writing.


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